International Pipe Inspectors Association
If you have training needs beyond these, please contact Brock Mackin at and we will do our best to accommodate you.


Date Course
Mar 25-27 Magnetic Particle Inspection Level I
Mar 28 Liquid Penetrant (Visible Dye) Level I/II
April 22-24 Magnetic Particle Inspection Level II
May 21-31 Canada (Classes to be determined)
June 10-14 Used Drill Pipe Inspection
Note: All Students enrolled in Magnetic Particle Level II, MFL, BHA, or Used Drill Pipe Courses, must have previously taken a Magnetic Particle Level I Class.
Students enrolled in BHA or Used Drill Pipe Courses must have a copy of API RP 7G-2 and DS-1® Volume 3, 4th Edition

DS-1 is a Registered Trademark of T.H. Hill & Associates
IPIA is not affiliated with T.H. Hill & Associates

Please contact Brock Mackin at to register students for any classes you wish to participate in.